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An improved airport control/management system for controlling and managing the surface and airborne movement of vehicular and aircraft within a defined and selected airport space envelope of an airport, the traffic, comprising apparatus for establishing a precise 3-dimensional digital map of the selected airport space envelope, the map containing GNSS positioning system reference points, a computer with a monitor screen for receiving and displaying the 3-dimensional map, transmit and receive radio equipment located on at least one vehicle/aircraft in the airport space envelope to generate and transmit continuous GNSS-based location reports a receiver associated with the computer to receive the reports from the vehicle/aircraft, programming associated with the computer and using the reports to superimpose 3-dimensional image corresponding to a path of the vehicle/aircraft onto the 3-dimensional map, apparatus associated with the 3-dimensional map for generating airport control and management signals as a function of the vehicle/aircraft path and computer aided design programming for manipulation of the 3-dimensional map and the image of the vehicle/aircraft and the path to a desired apparent line of observation, to control the traffic in the airport, the improvement comprising: the layering of the airport map creating a layered airport map having at least one layer, the layering permitting thereby sorting and tracking of each of the vehicle/aircraft, each of the layers selected from the group determined by function consisting of air traffic control phase of flight, notams, forbidden zone identification, airline and airport operations. The invention may also include systems and apparatus for identifying the type of vehicle and the 3-dimensional orientation of same.

Airport control/management system using GNSS-based methods and equipment for the control of surface and airborne traffic
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January 5, 1995
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November 12, 1996
Harold R Pilley
R.F.D. #1, Box 204, Deering, 03244
George W Dishong
G06F 163/00
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