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A hand-held, battery-powered medical questionnaire presentation device is provided for use by a patient. The device has means for displaying questions to the patient, a limited number of keys by which the patient can enter answers, and a memory device for storing the patient's answers. The device is controlled by a pre-programmed microcomputer which stores in a memory the text of user instructions, medical or health-related questions, and words to be used in printed reports. The microcomputer is programmed to tally the patient's answers and, on the basis of that information and objective data supplied by a medical staffer, to present an evaluation of aspects of the patient's medical condition or health status. The evaluation may consist of recommendations for tests, an analysis of the patient's general medical condition, an analysis of the patient's surgical risk, an analysis of the patient's functional health status, recommendations for counseling the patient, recommendations for health-related lifestyle improvements, or any other conclusions which may be inferred from the patient's responses. The questions and the answer-evaluation software are stored in a readily removable and replaceable integrated circuit module. A variety of specialized questionnaires targeting particular health risks and medical conditions may be provided on interchangeable modules.

Portable medical questionnaire presentation device
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June 2, 1994
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November 5, 1996
William E Turcotte II
1234 Edmer St., Oak Park, 60302
David Summerell
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Louis Altman
5622 S. Woodlawn, Chicago, 60637
Laff Whitesel Conte & Saret
G06F 159/00
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