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A global network computer system to print legal currency and/or negotiable instruments at a designated location by the input of information to the global network computer system from a remote location. The global network computer system can receive the input information from a telephone handset or terminal using a technique of selective generation of signals. Output signals from the global network computer can be sent to designated facsimile machines, laser printers, telecopiers or automated teller machines for printing the legal currency or negotiable instrument. The global network is also capable of storing and tracking greenback currency provided with a unique barcode.

Apparatus, method and system for printing of legal currency and negotiable instruments
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April 20, 1994
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October 29, 1996
Peter J Tsakanikas
3080 N. Course Dr. Bldg. 51, #108 Palm-Aire Country Club of Florida, Pompano Beach, 33069
H04M 11/00
G06F 15/00
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