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An ablation apparatus has a balloon that is inserted into an organ of a body and ablates all or a selected portion of the inner layer of the organ. Electrolytic solution fills the balloon, and the balloon includes a plurality of apertures from which electrolytic solution flows from the balloon. The flow rate of electrolytic solution is dependent on the pressure applied to the balloon by the electrolytic solution. A conforming member, with a conductive surface and a back side, is made of a material that substantially conforms to a shape of the inner layer of the organ and delivers the electrolytic solution and RF energy through the conductive surface to the inner layer. Advantageously, difficult to access areas are reached with the inclusion of the conforming member. Optionally positioned between the conforming member and the balloon is a porous membrane. A printed circuit can be formed in or on the conforming member, or adjacent to its back side or conductive surface, and delivers RF energy to selected sections of the inner layer. A feedback device is included and is responsive to a detected characteristic of the inner layer. The feedback device provides a controlled delivery of RF energy to segments of the circuit.

Thin layer ablation apparatus
Application Number
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Application Date
July 7, 1994
Publication Date
October 29, 1996
Stuart D Edwards
Los Altos
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
A61B 17/39
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