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The present invention relates to a system for centralized controlling of a plurality of temperature regulating devices by an existing network of power lines comprising a central control means provided to send or receive predetermined commands to and from a plurality of temperature regulating devices. Each of those devices comprises a communication means adapted to provide two way communication with the central control means, a microprocessor means adapted to store predetermined information received from the central control means, a temperature sensor means adapted to send signals to the microprocessor means and an output means adapted to supply power to temperature varying units. The system further includes a network protecting means adapted to regulate the supply of power to output supply means during sudden change in power supply or due to changes in temperature conditions and a locking means adapted to prevent an unauthorized entry to change temperature condition. Preferably, the temperature regulating devices comprise at least one primary thermostat means and a predetermined number of secondary thermostat means. Those primary thermostat means are adapted to communicate with the central control means in independent manner. The primary thermostat means are capable to configure conditions of the secondary thermostat means.

System for centralized controlling of a plurality of temperature regulating devices
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December 6, 1993
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October 22, 1996
Pierre Longtin
Ville Vanier
Mila Shvartsman
Comptel Domotique
H04M 11/04
G05D 23/00
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