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A hair forming device for arranging a pony tail or braid. The device comprises a series of rings each attached to an adjacent ring in end to end fashion. Adjacent rings overlap just enough to enable a connecting pin formed in one ring to pass through a hole formed in the adjacent ring, and thus connect the two rings. Any two adjacent rings may therefore be arranged to describe a figure eight. Hair is preferably divided into two braids, each braid being passed through each ring. The novel device secures the braids in this manner, and is worn as long as the hair style thus achieved is maintained. Preferably, the connecting pins are arranged parallel to the central axis of the circle described by each ring. In alternative embodiments, the pins permanently connect adjacent rings, or may removably connect adjacent rings, for example by snap fit. In a further alternative embodiment, the device is extended by adding rings and attaching the succession of rings in head to tail fashion, thus forming a closed loop. Two parallel paths are thus established, for passing two or four braids through two rows of rings in parallel. In a still further embodiment, each ring attaches to four neighboring rings, a matrix of rings thus being formed.

Hair forming device
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May 4, 1995
Publication Date
September 17, 1996
John W Lindley Jr
206 E. Genesee St., Clyde, 14433
Charles L Camp Jr
177 Columbia St., Clyde, 14433
Terrance L Siemens
A45D 8/04
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