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An enclosure for an electrical apparatus includes a housing having top and bottom surfaces and a plurality of side surfaces, and an electrical apparatus, such as a pen-based computer, disposed within the housing such that the housing and the apparatus present a user interface region proximate to the top surface. A cover coupled to the housing by a compound hinge can be moved between a closed position substantially overlaying the user interface region and an open position substantially overlaying a portion of the bottom surface of the housing. The cover protects the user interface region when in the closed position and exposes the user interface region for use when in the open position. A cover catch member coupled to the cover engages a top-surface housing catch member when the cover is in the closed position, and the cover catch member engages a bottom-surface housing catch member at the open position. A release button, when activated, disengages the top-surface housing catch member from the cover catch member. The top-surface housing catch member includes a unitary latch structure that can be manufactured easily and with reduced cost.

Enclosure for electronic apparatus having a cover catch member engageable with two different housing catch members
Application Number
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March 2, 1994
Publication Date
September 10, 1996
Jonathan P Ive
San Francisco
Ronald J Moller
Boulder Creek
Hickman Beyer & Weaver
Apple Computer
H05K 5/00
G06F 1/16
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