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A roller assembly (12) for use with a mower head (10) is disclosed. The roller assembly includes a roller body (24) to which a shaft (26) is attached such that the body and shaft rotate in unison. The shaft has a pair of opposed ends, each of which is coupled to a bearing assembly (30) that is attached to an arm (28) that is secured to the mower head. The bearing assemblies freely rotate relative to the planes in which they are normally seated so that in the event the arms with which they are associated become out of alignment, the associated shaft and roller body will be able to continue to freely turn. In the preferred versions of the invention, the roller body is made out of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plastic. The roller body is further formed out of individual sections. The individual sections are each not more than 15 inches in length and are mated together to form the integral roller body.

Mower head roller assembly
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July 18, 1994
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September 10, 1996
James Rice
22008 Vine Rd., Brier, 98036
Jensen & Puntigam P S
A01D 34/53
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