05552973 is referenced by 76 patents and cites 5 patents.

A flashlight, which includes a traction-driven power generating device and a battery connected in parallel to the lamp through a switch, wherein the traction-driven power generating device includes a driving wheel turned by a traction cable, a spiral spring, which turns the driving wheel reversely to take up the traction cable after each traction, an one-way rotary member meshed with the driving wheel, an induction coil, and a flywheel coupled to the one-way rotary member by a clutch means and driven by the one-way rotary member to turn a magnet relative to the induction coil, causing the induction coil to produce electricity.

Flashlight with self-provided power supply means
Application Number
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January 16, 1996
Publication Date
September 3, 1996
Chih Hsien Hsu
Fl. 6, No. 7, Chi-Mei St., San-Chung City, Taipei County
David I Klein
Morton J Rosenberg
B60Q 1/00
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