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An artificial Christmas tree with electric separable segments comprising a trunk fabricated of a plurality of separable sections including a lowermost section, an uppermost section and intermediate sections therebetween, the section coupling with respect to each other by sliding the lower section of the next higher adjacent section into the upper extent of the next lower adjacent section, a plurality of branches, each with a pivot pin coupled to an adjacent portion of an associated trunk section to allow movement between a raised inoperative storage position parallel with the trunk sections a deployed operative position wherein the branches form an acute angle with its associated trunk section, each of the branches having artificial needles extending therefrom in a generally radial direction, a base adapted to be positioned on the recipient surface such as a floor, the base having an upper central section adapted to removably receive the lower extent of the lowermost trunk section, electrical components in each of the trunk sections and extending outwardly into each of the branches with associated electric lights for the illumination of the branches and tree when assembled, an electrical receptacle at the upper extent of the lowermost trunk section, at the lowermost extent of the uppermost trunk section and at the upper and lower extent of each intermediate trunk section and a plurality of electrical connectors, each electrical connector adapted to connect an electrical receptacle of adjacent trunk sections for providing electricity throughout the entire tree.

Artificial christmas tree with electric separable segments
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June 26, 1995
Publication Date
August 27, 1996
Grant A Carroll
801 Palo Duro St., Amarillo, 79106
F21P 1/02
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