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The optical scanner has an optical scanning head with LED light sources, focusing and receiving optics and a CCD detector array all mounted on a printed circuit board. This assembly, along with a storage buffer and a decoder is contained within a small housing which is attached on its lower side to a semi-glove which the user can wear on the back of his or her hand. The automatic sensing feature of the invention provides hands-free operation by automatically and periodically testing for the presence of a bar code in the scanner's field of view. If the presence of a bar code is detected, the scanner is placed in active mode. When the scanner is not in use, the scanner is powered down to conserve energy.

Optical scanner with automatic activation
Application Number
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Application Date
June 20, 1994
Publication Date
August 27, 1996
Alexander Roustaei
2454 Rue Denise, La Jolla, 92037
Brown Martin Haller & McClain
G06K 7/10
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