05546523 is referenced by 231 patents and cites 22 patents.

An electronic fund transfer (EFT) system capable of displaying a menu including one or more user-defined custom transactions associated with an identification card so that the user can select a desired transaction by a single selection or with limited inputs. The transactions may be defined by a user during a set-up/authorization operation and/or may be stored based on transactions performed by the user. Additionally, the transactions may be stored on the identification card, in a local memory of a transaction terminal and/or in a system memory of the EFT system. A single identification card may be used to enable the user to select from a plurality of financial accounts with different institutions.

Electronic fund transfer system
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April 13, 1995
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August 13, 1996
James G Gatto
3102 Sutherland Hill Ct., Fairfax, 22031
Baker & Botts L
G06K 5/00
G06F 17/60
G06F 15/00
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