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An improved fuel supply system (20), fuel tank (22 or 50), and fuel (30), whose use in small internal combustion engines provides greatly reduced emissions, longer engine life, reduced maintenance, higher reliability, and safety. These fuel tanks (22 or 50) are partially filled with a LPG fuel (30) and are also connectable to the fuel supply system (20) by a corresponding fuelling receptor (32 or 56). The fuel system (20) is itself comprised, in combination, of a fuelling receptor (32 or 56) which is then followed in series and in fuel flow communication by a fuel conduit (36), a fuel lock valve (38), another fuel conduit (40), a primary pressure regulator (42), still another fuel conduit (44), and finally a fuel-air mixer (46). The aforementioned design is the basic operation system to which may be added a secondary pressure relief valve (60), a fuel filter (64), a manual close-off valve (66), a fuel vaporizer (96), a heat sink (98), and other components in order that the fuel system (20), and fuel tanks (22 or 50) may function under different operating standards, conditions or environments.

LPG fuel tank, and fuel supply system, for engines
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April 26, 1995
Publication Date
August 6, 1996
Robert V Marcon
3471 Sinnicks Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario
F02M 21/02
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