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An all-polymeric ultraviolet light reflective film which is lower in cost than previously used reflector materials, is weather resistant, and which does not absorb significant amounts of solar ultraviolet energy is provided. The film includes a sufficient number of alternating layers of at least first and second diverse polymeric materials which have an average percent transmission of greater than about 50% between wavelengths of 300-400 nm. A substantial majority of the individual layers of the film have optical thicknesses in the range where the sum of the optical thicknesses in a repeating unit of the polymeric materials is between about 0.15 .mu.m to about 0.228 .mu.m, and the first and second polymeric materials differ from each other in refractive index by at least about 0.03 in the wavelength range of from about 300-400 nm. The reflective film is useful as a reflective material in solar detoxification systems, as a protective material in indoor and outdoor lighting systems, as a UV mirror in the fields of medical imaging, astronomical telescopes, and microscopy or in chemical reactions using UV radiation.

All-polymeric ultraviolet light reflecting film
Application Number
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May 11, 1994
Publication Date
July 30, 1996
Walter J Schrenk
The Dow Chemical Compny
B32B 27/00
B32B 7/02
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