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A method for making a sensing element for use in a sensor or biosensor that amperometrically measures the concentration of an analyte in a liquid, includes the following sequential steps: a) obtaining an electrode; b) immersing the electrode in a solution of monomer that is capable of being electropolymerized into an electrically insulating polymer; c) flowing an electric current from a cathode through the solution to the electrode at a voltage and amperage sufficient to cause the monomer to polymerize on the surface of the electrode, thereby yielding an electrode coated with an adherent layer of electrically insulating polymer; and e) impregnating the polymeric coating on the surface with a sensing agent that is capable, when contacted by a specific analyte in a chemical or biological liquid, of generating an electroactive molecule that can be detected amperometrically.

Method for making electrochemical sensors and biosensors having a polymer modified surface
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February 15, 1994
Publication Date
July 30, 1996
Alexander Yacynych
2 Bernard Rd., East Brunswick, 08816
Keck Mahin & Cate
G01N 27/26
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