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An apparatus for providing a customer of a television system with virtual personal channel which being selected delivers a television program of the most personal interest no matter on which channel and at what time the program is physically transmitted. Descriptive and time/channel data of scheduled TV programs are broadcasted through a communication medium from the system headend to customer terminal prior to transmission of programs themselves. In customer terminal all scheduled TV programs are evaluated by a computer that stores customer profile data and controls customer video receiver and video recorder. Whenever customer selects personal channel the computer switches the video receiver to a physical channel on which a program having the best evaluation is transmitted. The best program of the day or the week is recorded and can also be presented as current program of personal channel.

Virtual personal channel in a television system
Application Number
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Application Date
November 2, 1994
Publication Date
July 9, 1996
Gutman Levitan
101 Grove St., Stamford, 06901
Ilya Zborovsky
H04N 7/03
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