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A unified loudspeaker system and method for use with a home theater stereo surround sound receiver. A plurality of binaural (dual) loudspeakers are housed in a single loudspeaker enclosure having a multiply-segmented face portion. Left and right loudspeakers are canted away from a center loudspeaker to provide more complete audio coverage of a defined listening area with audio channel separation. Six (6) equalized soundfields generated via five (5) surround sound channels from the loudspeaker enclosure configuration provide arrival times of the soundfields according to that of a live performance. Conventional two-channel stereo input sources may be combined by the system to provide desired soundfields. The preferred embodiment for a full dimensional sound field system contemplates the use of a Dolby Pro Logic AC-3 five or six channel receiver or the like as an input source. The conventional two channel stereo input sources may be combined by the system in a derived format to provide desired formats: Main Left (L), Main Right (R), Center (C), Surround Left (LS) and Surround Right (RS). A sub-woofer may also be provided.

Multi-dimensional sound reproduction system
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August 24, 1994
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July 2, 1996
Herbert I Gefvert
495 S. Green Bay Rd., Lake Forest, 60045
Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery
H04R 5/00
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