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An audio and/or video reproducing apparatus receives broadcast signals from broadcasting stations and a/v signals from an external device; processes the audio and/or video input signals in accordance with multiple processing functions; selects audio and/or video input signals for reproduction; reproduces sound and/or a video picture corresponding to the selected audio and/or video input signals; and includes a pointing device and a control device for generating a control picture signal and controlling the processing of signals and a display device for displaying a control picture corresponding to the control picture signal. The control picture includes a plurality of control areas and a pointer movable within the control picture in response to operation of the pointing device, with identifications of the broadcasting stations and the external device provided within certain control areas. The control device selectively modifies the control picture or one of the control areas or controls the processing of signals in accordance with one of the control areas pointed by the pointer. Audio and/or video input signals corresponding to one of the plurality of control areas displaying one of the identifications pointed by the pointer can be reproduced.

Remote-controlled on-screen audio/video receiver control apparatus
Application Number
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Application Date
March 18, 1994
Publication Date
July 2, 1996
Gerd Spalink
Peter Buchner
Alvin Sinderbrand
William S Frommer
Sony Deutschland
H04N 5/50
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