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The present invention provides a video conversion system for converting interlaced images to progressive images which produces high quality images without high computational and buffer costs. The deinterlacing video conversion system described by the present invention decreases computation complexity by utilizing the edge information of the pixel of the reference field to perform three processing tasks: (1) testing for the presence of local inter-field motion, (2) computing the pixel value for directional interpolation, and (3) determining the value of the pixel in the auxiliary field. Further, the video conversion process described is able to detect inter-field motion using only two field buffers, thereby decreasing system costs.

Edge-based interlaced to progressive video conversion system
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July 31, 1995
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July 2, 1996
Sam Lui
2680 Fayette Dr., Apt. 617, Mountain View, 94040
H04N 7/01
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