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A protective garment for the torso of a body and in particular a chest protector for baseball umpires which has an inner flexible layer and outer shell layer. The inner layer is in the form of a flexible pad adapted to conform to the contour of the torso. The inner layer has an inner and outer surface and an intermediate thickness of cushioning material adapted to distribute impacts against a given area of the outer layer over an area of the inner layer which is at least as great, as said given area. The outer shell layer is adapted to overlie said inner layer and comprises a plurality of interconnected plate elements. Each plate element is positioned and arranged to overlie a selected area of the torso. The garment also has both flexible straps and a cover element for interconnecting the plate elements to form a torso-fitting outer shell and releasable fasteners to interconnect the inner layer and outer shell layer. The releasable fasteners include anchor straps which pass through a pair of spaced-parallel slots in the plate elements and are releasably connected together between the pair of slots.

Protective garment for baseball umpires having an inner cushioned layer and an outer layer of interconnected plates
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April 10, 1995
Publication Date
July 2, 1996
Joseph H West
437 Lakeview Dr., Fort Lauderdale, 33326
Dann Dorfman Herrell and Skillman
A41D 13/00
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