05528745 is referenced by 62 patents and cites 15 patents.

A method and system in a data processing system for providing an intuitive display of scheduling information for multiple users within a single viewport. Each user is associated with scheduled events which may be displayed along a time line within a viewport on a display within the data processing system. Selection regions are determined within the viewport. Selection regions may be associated with scheduled events, users, or user specified time periods along the time line. Scheduling information is associated with each selection region. While a user is continuously selecting one of the selection regions, the scheduling information associated with the selection region being selected by the user is temporarily displayed. Once the user ceases selecting the selection region, the scheduling information disappears.

Method and system for the display of scheduling information for users within a single viewport
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October 28, 1994
Publication Date
June 18, 1996
Robert J Torres
6100 Meadowhill Dr., Colleyville, 76034
C David King
2206 Welsh Cir., Colleyville, 76034
G06F 3/00
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