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A fastening system includes a membrane assembly which can comprise a pair of body panels secured together at a seam. The membrane panels can comprise a semi-permeable material. A sheath assembly has a tubular configuration with proximate and distal ends and a sheath passage extending therebetween. The sheath assembly can be fastened to the membrane assembly by adhesively securing the sheath assembly adjacent to its proximate end between the membrane panels at the membrane assembly seam. A sheath-to-tube fastener is provided for fastening the sheath assembly to a tube. In one embodiment of the present invention a surgical sponge is fastened to the membranes in fluidic connection with the sheath, which is fastened to a suction tube for drawing blood from a surgical site. A method of treating surface wounds such as burns, pressure ulcers and skin graft donor sites comprises the steps of applying a dressing including a foam section to the wound, adhesively applying a polymer sheet to the foam section, connecting a suction tube to with the foam section, applying negative pressure to the wound through the section tube by use of a motorized pump and directing fluid from the surface wound through the foam section by the polymer sheet.

Fastening system and method
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November 15, 1993
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June 18, 1996
David S Zamierowski
Shawnee Mission
Litman McMahon and Brown
Kinetic Concepts
A61M 5/32
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