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A microminiature, variable electrical device, such as a capacitor (40a), comprises an elemental DMD SLM (40'), which includes a substrate (43) and a member (145) spaced therefrom and mounted for movement by appropriate facilities (42, 44). A control signal (102) is applied to the movable member (145) to produce an electric field between it and either the substrate (43) or an associated control electrode (46a). The field moves the member (145) toward or away from either the substrate (43) or an associated output electrode (46b) to selectively adjust the spacing therebetween. The field is produced by addressing circuitry (45) associated with the substrate (43). The movable member (145) and either the substrate (43) or the output electrode (46b) function as capacitor plates, and the spacing determines the capacitance thereof. The capacitor (40a) may be placed in series (FIG. 4) or in parallel (FIG. 3) with an input signal (114) applied to the movable member (145). The movable member (145), substrate (43), control electrode (46a), output electrode (46b), addressing circuitry (45), and other elements of the capacitor (40a) comprise a monolithic structure resulting from the use of MOS, CMOS or similar fabrication techniques. Multiple capacitors may be included in transmission lines (FIG. 20), antennae (FIG. 22), couplers (FIG. 21), waveguides FIG. 25) and other apparatus for digital or analog tuning or capacitance adjustment thereof by selective operation of the addressing circuitry (45).

Microminiature, monolithic, variable electrical signal processor and apparatus including same
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July 27, 1993
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June 11, 1996
Brad Kanack
Richard L Donaldson
James C Kesterson
Robert C Klinger
Texas Instruments Incorporated
G02B 26/00
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