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Trim compensation for a hovercraft having two engines (2,3) with flow outlet apertures. The two engines (2,3) are arranged laterally at the stern of the hovercraft to generate air jets for forward motion. The hovercraft also includes a compressor to generate an air cushion beneath the hovercraft. The trim compensation includes a tail plane arrangement located in the air jets in the two engines for directional control of the hovercraft by deflection of the air jets. The tail plane arrangement consists of a negatively arranged V-plane (7) with a middle upper section from which extends stabilizer surfaces (9,10) at both sides in a downward direction. The stabilizer surfaces (9, 10) are provided with rudder elements (11, 12) which are swingable in the same or opposite direction to deflect the air jets. The stabilizer surfaces (9, 10) and the rudder elements (11, 12) run centrally across the flow outlet apertures of the engines (2, 3). The rudder elements (11, 12) are swivelled about an axis of rotation in addition to the directional control to produce an additional force component for trim compensation which is generated by the additional deflection of the air jets of the two engines (2, 3) and which is constantly superimposed on the directional control.

Trim compensation for a hovercraft
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February 23, 1995
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June 4, 1996
Albert Blum
3, chemin des Chenes, CH-2072 St. Blaise
Hartmut Stiegler
Krefelder Strasse 840, 41066 Monchengladbach
David R Syrowik
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