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The present invention relates to an instrument and method for performing a partial knee replacement and, in particular, a single condyle replacement method. The instrument includes a tibial mounted platform which has formed thereon a keyed slot for receiving a spacer which spacer is positioned between the femur and tibia of the knee joint being replaced. The spacer receives thereon a positioning element which positioning element includes guides for guiding a drill to drill mounting holes for mounting further instruments used in the knee operation. In particular, the mounting holes are drilled when the femur and tibia are in a predetermined angular relationship with the spacer providing a predetermined spacial relationship. In this way, the mounting holes are properly determined and positioned with respect to the relationship between the femur and tibia. A saw guide is mounted to the mounting holes and used to guide a saw when cutting the anterior chamfer, the posterior chamfer and the posterior femoral cut. A further drill guide is then mounted to the mounting holes after removal of the saw guide for drilling holes for receiving the lugs of the condyle prosthesis.

Instruments for use in knee replacement surgery
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May 16, 1994
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May 28, 1996
Thomas Luckman
East Falmouth
Joseph F Shirtz
Johnson & Johnson Professional
A61B 17/56
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