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A static trimmer for a hovercraft is provided for shifting the center of buoyancy of an air-cushion of the hovercraft in relation to the center of gravity. The static trimmer includes a peripheral elastic skirt (2) having a plurality of skirt segments (5) each having a back skirt (3) and a finger skirt (4). The peripheral elastic skirt (2) further includes at least four independent lateral sections (6, 7, 8, 9) which can be moved in an inward or outward direction independently of each other. The static trimmer further includes at least two tension cables (15, 16) disposed in each independent lateral section (6, 7, 8, 9) for moving each finger skirt (4) of each of the plurality of skirt segments (5). Each of the tension cables (15, 16) further include a first partial tension cable and a second partial tension cable. The first partial tension cable acts on a base of the finger skirt (4), and the second partial tension cable acts on a connection point (19) between the back skirt ( 3) and the finger skirt (4), whereby the center of buoyancy of the air-cushion is displaced in relation to the center of gravity by grouped, lateral adjustments of the plurality of fingers skirts (4).

Static trimmer for a hovercraft
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December 16, 1994
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May 28, 1996
Hartmut Blum
3, chemin des Chenes, CH-2072 St. Blaise
Hartmut Stiegler
Krefelder Strasse 840, 41066 Monchengladbach
Brooks & Kushman
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