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A steering device for a hovercraft having two driving engines (2, 3), a back skirt (5), a finger skirt (6) and a jet deflection device located downstream of the two driving engines (2, 3). The jet deflection device includes a negative Vee stream deflector (7) and rudder elements (11, 12) which can be operated in opposite directions. The Vee stream deflector (7) is arranged behind the driving engines (2, 3) in such a way that each driving engine (2, 3) is assigned a portion of the Vee stream deflector (7) having the rudder element (11; 12). The rudder elements (11; 12) run diagonally through an axis of symmetry of the respective driving engine (2, 3). The Vee stream deflector (7) further includes a middle section which acts as a stabilizing nose (8).

Steering gear for a hovercraft
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December 16, 1994
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May 28, 1996
Albert Blum
3, chemin des Chenes, CH-2072 St. Blaise
Hartmut Stiegler
Krefelder Strasse 840, 41066 Monchengladbach
Brooks & Kushman
B60V 1/11
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