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An improved fiber-optic illuminated artificial Christmas tree, having a plurality of light sources contained in the main trunk, is provided. Each light source provides light for one or more tiers of artificial branches attached to the main trunk. Each branch contains a plurality of fiber optic strands such that the light-gathering ends are collected in a single bundle at, or close to, the end of the branch which attaches to the main trunk and the light-dispersing ends are distributed throughout the needles of the branch to form a natural and appealing lighting appearance similar to that of conventional strings of Christmas tree lights. The light sources can be removed easily for replacement of individual light bulbs as needed.

Fiber-optic illuminated artificial Christmas tree
Application Number
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June 27, 1994
Publication Date
May 14, 1996
Susan P Zins
156 Shabbana Dr., Park Forest, 60466
Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery
A47G 33/16
A47G 33/06
F21V 8/00
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