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Process for controlling a double atrial triple chamber pacemaker having a right atrial electrode and a left atrial electrode connected to one and the same atrial circuit for the detection/stimulation of the atrium, as well as a ventricular electrode connected to a ventricular circuit for the detection/stimulation of the ventricle. The control process includes receiving at the input of the atrial circuit and the ventricular circuit a succession of depolarization signals, determining a possibly premature character of the depolarization signal sensed at the input of the atrial circuit, in case of determined prematurity, examining, during the duration of a predetermined window of listening, signals sensed at the input of the ventricular circuit and, in case of a ventricular signal reception, inhibiting all correlated atrial stimulation, and in the absence of sensing a ventricular signal, proceeding to an atrial stimulation at both atria at the end of the listening window duration, and, in the case of no prematurity character being found, proceeding to an immediate atrial stimulation in both atria synchronous to the detection of the sensed atrial depolarization signal.

Methods and apparatus for controlling atrial stimulation in a double atrial triple chamber cardiac pacemaker
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April 4, 1995
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May 7, 1996
Marcel Limousin
Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe
ELA Medical
A61N 1/368
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