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A facility for the generation of electrical power and products for the refueling of clean air vehicles (CAV's) and marine craft and for use by the facility and/or general market. A host of electrical power generation devices including solar panels, solar collectors, wave action generators, reverse osmosis water purification apparatus, electrolizers, hydrogen/oxygen purifiers and compressors, storage units, fuel cells, AC/DC motors and generators and the various connectors, gauges and networks used for interconnecting and dispensing the products of a combined source system are used jointly and severally in a unique siting about an elevated roadway or railway. The idealized site for this combined system is a bridge, or other elevated structures such as lock superstructures, dam faces and otherwise towering facilities. The siting structure is most desirably located adjacent a water source, be it a river, bay, tidal estuary or the like. In addition to the generation of DC electrical power, gaseous products such as may be marketed for their intrinsic value or used in the production of additional power via fuel cell operation are also marketed or used/consumed on site. Unique improvements are made in wind generators, a tidal barge generation system and a wave air generator.

Facility for refueling of clean air vehicles/marine craft and power generation
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October 19, 1994
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April 30, 1996
Robert Dederick
P.O. Box 367, Port Ewen, 12466
Schmeiser Olsen & Watts
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F01D 15/10
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