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Apparatus for collecting and temporarily storing animal waste such as in the form of droppings includes a storage container mounted to wheels for portability and a pivoting cover movable between an open position and a closed position wherein a seal is established between the cover and container for confining offensive odors when the cover is in the closed position. The container is adapted to receive a removable bag which facilitates removal and disposal of the waste. A handle attached to the container facilitates manually moving the apparatus and includes a latch mechanism for securely supporting the cover in the open position, while an outer portion of the container is provided with a holder for storing spare disposal bags. A retaining arrangement is disposed on an outer surface of the storage container for engaging and maintaining the liner bag securely in position within the container. The cover is maintained in the closed position on the container by a magnetic arrangement. The apparatus is lightweight, maneuverable and conveniently stored and emptied, permitting removal and disposal of animal waste after extended periods use. Mounted to the storage container is an arrangement for attaching a hand operated, removable waste receiver, or scooper, for engaging animal waste and depositing it in the storage container.

Portable animal waste collector/storage apparatus
Application Number
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December 19, 1994
Publication Date
April 30, 1996
George S Pace
Hidden Creek, Lake Zurich, 60047
Emrich & Dithmar
B65D 85/00
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