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This invention is a mass-produced, flat, multiple-beam load cell for use in weighing devices. This load cell is particularly suited to very low-profile scales incorporating a plurality of load cells. It is made from a flat piece of metal and includes: (1) a load-receiving member having a transverse section integral with a load-receiving tongue symmetrical about a north-south axis of the plate, which reach across an east-west axis of the plate; (2) a clamping member having a transverse section and possibly a pair of clamping tongues which reach across the east-west axis; and (3) two flexure beams connecting the two transverse sections of the metal plate, each beam symmetrical about the east-west axis, and the beams symmetrical about the north-south axis. When a load is applied to the load-receiving tongue: (1) the flexure beams bend into symmetrical double-cantilever S-shapes, with equal and opposite stresses at points equi-distant from the east-west axis; and (2) each of a pair of sensors mounted at these points on the flexure beams produces an electronic signal equal and opposite to the other, while rejecting the effect of lateral or eccentric loads. Also disclosed are scales incorporating such a load cell.

Mass-produced flat multiple-beam load cell and scales incorporating it
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May 18, 1994
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April 23, 1996
Shlomo Angel
270 Lafayette St. Suite 807, New York, 10012
Bryan Cave
David M Klein
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G01G 3/14
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