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The invention relates to a central locking installation for a motor vehicle, having a transmitter (2), operating as a key, and a receiver (4), operating as a lock. When the transmitter (2) is actuated for the purpose of closing or opening the door locks, a signal (3) is transmitted to the receiver (4) and produces a control pulse (20) there. Each transmitter (2) has its own transmitter recognition signal and a stock of code words, from which the code words are taken in sequence and are transmitted. The receiver (4) carries out a transmitter allocation using the transmitter recognition signal. The invention is based on the object of the transmitter (2) seeking its transmitter recognition signal itself. This is achieved in that a transmitter recognition signal, which is stored in a transmitter store (12) and is transmitted together with a code word, is generated randomly in the transmitter (2). The receiver (4) has an evaluation circuit, by means of which the transmitter recognition signal is compared with transmitter recognition signals which are already stored and is stored as a legitimate transmitter recognition signal in a receiver store (18) if it is not already so stored.

Central locking installation for a motor vehicle
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July 29, 1994
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April 16, 1996
Berthold Wolfram
Hill Steadman & Simpson
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
H04L 9/16
G06F 7/04
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