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What is created is a multichambered honeycomb structure; made of laminates and composite materials to cut cost and provide strength and durability; disposed floating on open waters in an elongated form to serve as sea wall to break up the surfs to create a calm harbor for safe refuge for boats, floating houses, fishermen and protection of the shoreline; having an impact wall with window one-way valves to convert the energy of the surfs into elevated water that drive a water turbine, or into compressed air that drive a gas turbine electric generator; having a rectangular floater oscillator that activates a rocker arm drive bar by the energy of the water waves; having an under water deep well reverse osmosis desalinator that is driven by said rocker arm; having a piston type force water pump driven by said floater oscillator; having a thin plate rectangular magnet push-and-pull electric generator driven by said rocker arm drive bar; having a multistage piston vacuum pump driven by said rocker arm; having a mist-spray-vacuum chamber evaporator that is activated by said vacuum pump and said force water pump to produce desalinated water by distillation processes; having a solar trap in the form of air bubble sheets or vacuum sandwich plates to cover as a blanket to provide solar heat into said evaporation vacuum chamber; or said structure being in the form of cluster of rigidly interlocked houses anchored out on the ocean stabilized by anti-oscillation resistors.

Water-wave energy converter systems
Application Number
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December 18, 1991
Publication Date
April 16, 1996
Gaudencio A Labrador
1312 Leaf Ter., San Diego, 92114
B01D 61/10
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