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A method and apparatus for virtual data integration in a database management system, specifically for providing multidatabase query and retrieval capability, where queries are generated at a user interface and passed to one of a plurality of databases. An organization engine (OE) is coupled to the user interface and, via an organization engine/database interface for each database, to the databases. The organization engine comprises a software module that passes a MakeCallBack routine along with the user query to the OE/database interface. The query is passed on to the database. If the queried data is not found at the queried database, but rather a reference to another database is found there, then that reference is passed back with a CallBack routine to the OE. The query is then redirected to the referenced database, and repeats the procedure until the sought data is actually located. The CallBack routine provides the OE with information for updating the information relating to this query, so that the next time the query is made, it is automatically routed to the correct database, i.e. the database actually holding the sought data. The modules implementing the invention may reside on a computer in addition to those storing the databases and those used by the user(s), or may reside on one of these latter computers. In a network of databases accessed by multiple users from remote locations, each user can then develop an updated index for all of the databases automatically, as queries are made.

Method and system for data retrieval in a distributed system using linked location references on a plurality of nodes
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June 30, 1993
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April 9, 1996
James S Miller
Arthur W Fisher
Ronald C Hudgens
Digital Equipment Corporation
G06F 17/30
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