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A single cam compound bow includes a lower pulley assembly, an upper pulley assembly and three cables. The lower pulley assembly has an end of all three cables attached thereto and includes a power cam portion. The upper pulley assembly has the other end of the first and third cables attached thereto, and the other end of the second cable is attached to the upper bow limb. The upper pulley assembly is configured so that the first cable is unwound therefrom at a rate which differs, and is initially lower than, the rate at which the third cable is wound onto the upper pulley assembly. The configuration of pulleys causes the nock point of the bow string to travel in a straight line.

Single cam compound bow
Application Number
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Application Date
January 13, 1995
Publication Date
April 9, 1996
Larry Miller
1628 Treeside, Rochester, 48307
Gifford Krass Groh Sprinkle Patmore Anderson & Citkowski
F41B 5/10
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