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This invention is a combination door latch actuating handle and an exit/entry operator support assembly, mainly for the interior but also usable for the exterior of a vertically oriented door for any agricultural or industrial equipment with a cab. It consists of two nearly full width of door, U-shaped, interlocking and generally horizontally mounted pieces. One U-shaped piece is a mounting/pivot and stops bracket attached to the door, and the other is a swingable door latch actuating handle/grab bar. An unlatching position is oriented generally upward and outward, actuating the latch with a cable; and a simple gravity designed latching position is oriented inwardly and downward. These motions are in perfect harmony with the operator's movements as one exits or enters the cab. It increases the safety of an operator over existing designs by providing a more visible, accessible and easier to use door latch actuating handle for emergency exits. During an operator's exit or entry, the assembly does not catch clothing and its compactness and rounded surfaces almost eliminate any chance of injury by bumping against the assembly.

Combination door handle and grab bar for an agricultural or industrial cab door
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November 7, 1994
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April 9, 1996
Philip P Graber
16581 County Hwy. N., Blanchardville, 53516
Andrus Sceales Starke & Sawall
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E05B 65/10
E05B 7/00
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