05501616 is referenced by 188 patents and cites 15 patents.

An end connector for coaxial cables having inner and outer spaced concentric sleeves, the outer sleeve having axially spaced endless sealing rings along its inner wall surface portion adjacent to one end to which the end of the coaxial cable is inserted, and axially spaced serrations or gripping edges are disposed on the external wall surface of the inner sleeve in confronting relation to the ribs so that when the coaxial cable is inserted into the connector with the outer conductor and jacket in the annular space between the sleeves the outer sleeve can be crimped inwardly to cause the ribs to advance into uniform sealed engagement with the jacket. The depth of the ribs can be controlled according to the diameter or size of cable to which it is connected.

End connector for coaxial cable
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
March 21, 1994
Publication Date
March 26, 1996
Randall A Holliday
11047 Tennyson Pl., Westminster, 80030
John E Reilly
H01R 17/04
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