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A coupon redemption card and tracking system includes a credit card size redemption coupon card used by the customer, and a tracking sheet used by the redemption center such as a restaurant. The redemption card has a plurality of mini coupons, which can be peeled off individually. Each redeemed coupon is affixed to the tracking sheet, which has dimensions of a dollar bill so that it can be placed in the till of a cash register. The tracking system facilitates the accounting and inventory of redeemed coupons. The coupon card is formed as two laminated layers of special paper joined together by a layer of adhesive material, and a layer of clear plastic film on the top face of the card. The base layer is fabricated from a special paper. An adhesive coating is applied to one side of the base layer. The peel off coupon layer is affixed to the adhesive coating. The finished layered sheet is printed on both sides, die-cut on the coupon side, and then laminated with the film on the other side. Each coupon that is removed from the card has adhesive to adhere the coupon to the tracking sheet. The small size of the mini coupons is convenient for the card holder and the redemption center. It eliminates the need to process diverse sizes and shapes of customer coupons. The system can be used wherever one has to keep track of various redeemable coupons.

Peel off coupon redemption card and tracking system
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May 2, 1994
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March 26, 1996
Kenneth Thompson
2368 Eastman Ave., Ste. 3, Ventura, 93003
Richard Slehofer
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Kenneth Thompson
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