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A vehicle driver performance monitoring system is provided. A plurality of vehicle component sensors (40-43) suitably mounted to a host vehicle measure a plurality of vehicle component parameters indicative of a host vehicle's driver performance. A microprocessor module (1) detachably coupled to the vehicle mounting unit (2) affixed to and uniquely designated for a given host vehicle poles each vehicle sensor (40-43) of that host vehicle to read, process, and store the vehicle operation data generated thereby. A playback mounting unit (3) is provided to facilitate the connection of a remote computer to the host vehicle's microprocessor module (1) in order to establish digital communication whereby the vehicle operation data and the analysis results processed therein are retrieved and displayed for a user.

Vehicle driver performance monitoring system
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December 7, 1994
Publication Date
March 12, 1996
Jeffrey Ousborne
5606 Foxview Ct., Clarksville, 21029
David I Klein
Morton J Rosenberg
G06F 13/00
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