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A seed furrow closing device for planting units including a plurality of closing wheels, each wheel having a plurality of sharpened teeth on the periphery. The closing wheels canted at an angle to the vertical and press toward the seeds in the furrow.

The teeth, controlled by down pressure mechanism, penetrate the soil to till compacted soil and firm loose soil to improve germination and emergence. The sharpened teeth interact with the soil to remove residue from the teeth as the teeth emerge. The penetration of the teeth helps break up clods and also stabilizes the rear of the planting unit.

A trailing press wheel over the furrow may provide intermittent compacting of the soil loosened by the closing wheels over the center of the furrow.

This loosening and compaction by the sharpened toothed wheels improves the germination and emergence of the seeds in the furrow.

Furrow closing device
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November 19, 1993
Publication Date
March 12, 1996
Howard Martin
169 Allegre Rd., Elkton, 42220
Rockey Rifkin & Ryther
A01C 5/04
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