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An intravascular occlusion material removal device for removing vascular occlusion material in a vascular lumen comprises an expandable material removal element movable between an expanded position and a contracted position. The material removal element has a distal end and a proximal end. A drive shaft is operatively connected to the distal end of the expandable material removal element for rotating the removal element. A catheter surrounds a portion of the drive shaft. The catheter has a distal end for operatively variably contacting the proximal end of the material removal element such that the removal element is rotatable with respect to the catheter. The catheter is shiftable with respect to the drive shaft for moving the material removal element between the expanded position and the contracted position. A number of novel methods for removing vascular occlusion material are also provided. One such method comprises the steps of: providing a vascular occlusion material removal device having an expandable occlusion material removal element, wherein the removal element comprises a plurality of braided wires, further comprising an abrasive disposed on the wires; providing a drive shaft disposed in and shiftable with respect to the removal element; intravascularly positioning the removal element distally of the occlusion material; shifting the drive shaft with respect to the removal element to expand the element intravascularly; and moving the removal element proximally within the vascular lumen to remove occlusion material. The removal element can also be moved distally within the vascular lumen to engage the occlusion material. Also, removed occlusion material can be collected by a collection portion on the removal element.

Expandable intravascular occlusion material removal devices and methods of use
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April 29, 1993
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February 13, 1996
Steven S Hackett
Maple Grove
Anthony C Vrba
Maple Grove
Thomas V Ressemann
St. Cloud
Hans A Mische
St. Cloud
Nawrocki Rooney & Sivertson
SciMed Life Systems
A61B 17/22
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