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The present invention relates to systems and methods for communicating with ambulatory medical devices, such as drug delivery devices, both locally and remotely. In one embodiment, a caregiver drug pump communicates with a remote patient drug pump for data gathering, trouble shooting, and operational program changes. The caregiver drug pump is at least substantially identical in configuration to the patient drug pump. The caregiver drug pump transmits caregiver key input signals to the remote patient drug pump. The patient drug pump receives the key input signals, accesses a desired program, and transmits information for display on the display of the caregiver drug pump. In another embodiment, a computer is provided for communicating locally and/or remotely with a drug pump. The computer may include a display with an image of a pump. The computer may be operated through the use of a mouse or touch screen with respect to the image of the pump, to simulate use of the pump while using the personal computer. The computer may also be used as a training aid for training a caregiver and/or patient how to use the drug pump.

Pump simulation apparatus
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July 15, 1994
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January 16, 1996
Michael L Blomquist
Coon Rapids
Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt
SIMS Deltec
G06F 17/00
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