05480233 is referenced by 183 patents and cites 7 patents.

A thrust bearing for use in downhole drilling systems employing fluid motors having a stator retaining ring and a rotor retaining ring. These rings have a plurality of bearing inserts. The bearing insert surfaces of the rotor contact the bearing surfaces of the stator. The studs which make up the bearing surface have a threaded bolt secured thereto. The threaded bolt extends through a plurality of threaded holes in each of the retaining rings. The studs and bolt may be removed or inserted by use of a simple hand tool, such as an Allen wrench.

Thrust bearing for use in downhole drilling systems
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October 14, 1994
Publication Date
January 2, 1996
James K Cunningham
P.O. Box 126, 504 E. Main, Big Cabin, 74332
Scott R Zingerman
Frank J Catalano
John D Gassett
F16C 17/04
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