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Invention maintains duplicate files in safe places. A SCAN computer program creates a TOKEN Table of an earlier file. The TOKEN Table reflects the indices of successive segments of the file and the exclusive-or (XR) and Cyclic redundancy check (CRC) products of the characters in each segment. An updated file is compared to the earlier file by comparing the XR and CRC products of segments in the updated file to the XR and CRC products in the TOKEN Table. On detecting matching products for identical segments, the next segments are compared. On mismatch, the segment (window) for the updated file is bumped one character and new XR and CRC products generated and compared. The indices of the TOKEN Table and the offsets from the start of the file of the first characters of the updated file matching segments are set forth in a Match Table. Next the updated file is scrolled through for the non-matching information determined by acting on the indices and offsets of the Match Table to form the TRANSITION Table which is the Match Table and the updated file non-matching information. The TRANSITION Table contains the delta information which may be sent to another location having a copy of the earlier file thereat: the whole updated file need not be sent there. A reconstruction program at the location looks at the TRANSITION Table to determine where to get the characters for the copy of the updated file it is creating.

Apparatus and method for reconstructing a file from a difference signature and an original file
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March 30, 1993
Publication Date
December 26, 1995
Mark Squibb
Rosen Dainow & Jacobs
Squibb Data Systems
G06F 15/401
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