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A method of producing images comprising a free combination of real images obtained by a filming system containing a real camera and of synthetic images obtained through a graphics computer equipped with image synthesizing software, wherein: a prior parametric modeling is carried out of the filming system from real images each containing at least one test point whose geometrical position in real space is known, the position of these test points in the image being transmitted to the computer at the same time as the measured values of captured physical dimensions, characteristic of the geometry and of the optics of the real camera and of its support For each image; then, the abovementioned physical dimensions captured for each image are measured in synchronism with the generation of the real images; the captured dimensions are transmitted in real time and in synchronism with the generation of images to the graphics computer in order to determine the parameters of the model of the filming system; a sequence of synthetic digital images is generated whilst deducing from these parameters the computational characteristics of each synthetic image so as to obtain a perfect geometrical coherence between each real image and each corresponding synthetic image; and part of the real image is mixed with part of the synthetic image.

Imaging system for producing a sequence of composite images which combine superimposed real images and synthetic images
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April 27, 1992
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December 26, 1995
Armand Fellous
Beveridge DeGrandi Weilacher & Young
Institut National de l Audiovisuel Etablissement Public A Caractere Industriel et Commercial
G06F 17/00
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