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An elevator control system (40) for automatically controlling the operation of an elevator car (22A) having a car door (24A) in which the elevator moves between different floor levels of an elevator shaft (30A) in which each floor level has associated hoistway doors (26A, 26C) for providing access to the elevator car (22A) in the shaft (30A) and an elevator hoistway operation monitoring system (34) with individual floor monitoring switches (32) for determining the floor level location of the elevator car (22A), individual hoistway door monitoring sensors (38) for sensing the opening of a hoistway door (26A) relays (56, 58, 52) and contact (50) coupled with an elevator safety circuit (42) for automatically preventing the elevator car (22A) from moving if a hoistway door (26A) is opened at a floor level other than the floor level at which the elevator car (22A) is located and for prohibiting the car (22A) from moving in response to the closing of the opened hoistway door (26A).

Elevator control system with elevator hoistway operation monitoring system and method
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June 3, 1994
Publication Date
December 19, 1995
Sam S Todaro
6453 N. Knox, Lincolnwood, 60646
Potthast & Ring
B66B 13/00
B66B 5/02
B66B 1/28
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