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A motor vehicle lighting system for automatically turning headlights on when a transmission is shifted from neutral or park to forward or reverse, reducing electrical loads on batteries during vehicle start-ups and automatically resetting headlights from high beam to low beam. The lighting system also includes indicators to remind drivers, while driving, that their headlight high beams, turn signals or emergency signals are turned on. The lighting system is comprised of an electronic control unit and a reset circuit. The electronic control unit receives signals from the vehicle's ignition switch and a transmission gear sensing device to control the flow of current to the exterior lighting systems. The reset circuit latches when the headlights are switched to high beam and unlatches to switch the circuits back to low beam when the vehicle is stopped and the ignition switch is turned off.

Motor vehicle lighting system
Application Number
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Application Date
October 24, 1994
Publication Date
December 5, 1995
Robert Adell
31800 S. Brandingham, Franklin, 48025
Alex Rhodes
B60Q 1/26
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