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A flip-up mount is provided for a night vision system. The mount comprises a carriage which is configured to engage a coupling device provided on the night vision system and secure the system in place. A pivotal armature is attached to the carriage and extends from a pivot point. The armature pivots between a first operational position enabling an operator to use the system, and a second stowed position. An anchor secures the pivot point to a helmet worn by the operator of the system. The pivot point further comprises a brace having an axle shaft, a sleeve integral to the armature and rotatable about the shaft, and a spring biased locking member securing the sleeve in a selected one of the first and the second positions. A supplemental chin strap is provided to prevent unwanted movement of the helmet when the night vision system is in the stowed position. Alternatively, the flip-up mount can be used in conjunction with a face mask worn by the operator. The night vision system can be either a binocular or monocular device.

Flip-up mount for night vision system
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September 1, 1994
Publication Date
December 5, 1995
Amotz Dor
Poms Smith Lande & Rose
Litton Systems
A42B 1/24
A42B 3/02
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