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To provide a pair of shoes responsive to the relative forces applied to a wearer's feet, at least one force sensor is provided in each of a left and right shoe. The sensor detects pressures which are then converted from a form provided by the sensor into a digital form which may be processed on by a microprocessor. The processor then executes any one of a number of force analysis programs and outputs, in a preferred form, a force model comprising attack, decay, sustain and release information. Each shoe then transmits coded information representing the sensed force profile to a central receiving device which may be located in a watch-like receiver worn on the wearer's wrist. The receiving device has the ability to pick up and discern signals transmitted by each left and right shoe and also from a number of auxiliary transmitters. Control of the display is made through the use of selector switches which also appear on the user interface. The display also contains its own CPU which controls the display and maintains a record of parameters entered by the user, such as weight. By incorporating the advantages taught in the instant invention, measurements of speed, distance, jump time, and the wear experienced by a pair of shoes, may all be accurately recorded and displayed for the user.

Apparatus for measurement of forces and pressures applied to a garment
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July 11, 1994
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November 28, 1995
Stephen A Marsh
21 Payson Estate, 456 Belmont St., Watertown, 02172
Lappin & Kusmer
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